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Prepare to enter the Multiverse.  DC is making its debut on PxP and its coming in hot and heavy.  This is it folks, the granddaddy of company-wide crossover events.  The forbearer of continuity reboots and restarts.  While DC’s characters have faced a multitude of Crises, over the years, their competition has followed suit with their own crossover events and reboots.  History was made and Charles and George are ready to dive in and discuss the events, effects, and long term impacts on the DC brand.  Heroes and villains, alike, will live, die, and face the end of everything they know in an effort to protect the Multiverse from a dreaded new enemy, the Anti-Monitor.  With a story so big, a series so maxi, and an infinite Earths’ worth of content, Charles and George have enlisted heroes from other worlds to help them keep it all straight.  Serving as their Virgil, on this epic journey, Mike Woodard joins the cast. Chris Wisdom also stops by, as our Pariah, to watch what he has started in hopes that he hasn’t loosed entropy upon our intrepid hosts.


Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-12

April 1985 – March 1986

Writer:  Marv Wolfman

Artist:  George Perez w/ Mike DeCarlo



Hosts: Charles McFall, George Doro, & Mike Woodard

Producer at Large: Mike Woodard

Publisher: Chris Wisdom

Panel by Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network.