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Epic Boss McFall and Uncle George cover the history of the X-Men  “Dark Phoenix” storyline.


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While we’re in a “golden age” of availability for readers of comics history, Marvel Unlimited (not a sponsor) is the preferred/most cost effective method of reading to catch up on older Marvel story lines.

844629“The Dark Phoenix Saga” is such an influential storyline, and has been re-visited so many times, it’s easy to think that it’s a modern storyline…But the Wiki entry states that it originated back in 1976 with The X Men issue #101  and the storyline climaxed with issues #129 through #138 in 1980.

Epic Boss McFall covers the (mildly ret-conned) beginning of the storyline, and the the spectacular last minute save of the X Men by Jean Grey. “Uncle” George adds a bit of clarity. The Wiki entry gets examined. “Epic Boss” McFall touches base on character elements from 1976 – 1980.

“Uncle” George connects the threads between the beginning and the end chapters of the saga.

Points of reference…  M’Kraan Crystal, Mastermind, Hellfire Club, Charles Xavier, Shi’ar, Shi’ar Imperial Guard

The guys cover an epic battle between The X Men and The Shi’ar Imperial Guard. Jean realizes there’s only one way to end the battle and save her friends…  The writers, Chris Claremont and John Byrne,  planned one ending, the Editor, Jim Shooter, had a different idea.

The (first) return of Jean Grey…  The guys touch base on the effects of the Dark Phoenix Saga on the Marvel Universe moving forward.

A quick note on “Retroactive Continuity”. (The biggest Trope in Comics!) And a quick discussion of the difference in character development between 70s comics and the comics from today.



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