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Welcome to the Pokémon GO Podcast! This week Charles, Sweet ‘Pokémon’ Joe, and Brian are joined by listener Dazey, a level 35 Trainer and longtime Ingress player. With a week of wide-varying experiences the guys(even Joe) are Poké-shamed, by their guest, who pwns them by most metrics(find out the significance of 28,876). Dazey also brings some differing perspectives on location, team work, and gameplay. We also find out that Charles has more game, with the leafies, than Brian. After the introductions, it’s time to dive into the week’s topics, so let’s go! Niantic announces a HUGE number of eggs hatched during the Eggstravagana then reduces the drop rates of eggs back to normal. After that, Niantic fires another salvo in the War on Spoofers with unique Pokémon and even Ditto encounters. Who knows what Unowns have yet to be caught? Their shadows know. Power creep is as real in Pokémon GO as it is in many games. If you’re having battery drain issues with your POGO+, MacGyver may have your solution. Finally, take heart Trainers, empirical data suggests that you’re happier than non-players. All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback, emails, and comments!

This week we were joined by Dazey “Dragondazd of Shadowwings” you can check out her MUD over at

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The Pokémon GO Eggstravaganza Eggs-plodes the Hatches
PSA: Eggs are no longer a guaranteed drop from Pokéstops!

 Niantic Combats Spoofers
Niantic flipped a switch – IVs/movesets unique by player
Ditto in the wild is no longer Ditto for everyone

 Unown are silhouettes if you haven’t caught that specific form
CP creep has gotten ridiculous in some regions
Converted my POGO+ to Usb 5v powered!
Study finds Pokémon Go players are happier, friendlier
Why don’t we have Pokémon Outbreak alerts?
Sprint my trainer rewards

Patch Notes and Updates

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