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Welcome to the Pokémon GO Podcast! You know when you throw your last Pokeball at that rare Pokemon and you catch it? Yeah, we do too. We threw our Pokeball at the elusive Brian Ibbott, caught him – but OH! – We got a rare Beau Ditto! That’s right Beau joins us tonight for some shenanigans. But before we get going on the show we want to congratulate Brian Ibbott as he is being inducted into the 2017 Podcaster Hall of Fame! You deserve it, Brian!

The experiences of the week are great as joe has an average week, Beau plays with his shinies and gets those collectible evolutions, and Charles is no longer the Filthy Casual as his title is stripped live on the show. The green is in bloom and we are ready to fill up those candies for the grass types. Get your Pokeball’s ready as you will have plenty of opportunities to catch what you need to evolve. (As of this posting McFall grabbed enough chicoritas to get the 2nd evolution Meganium.) Beau fills us in on his travels as he goes around the country promoting satchel and hunting Pokemon. Then Joe brings the headlines as he has fun poking the Ursaring in McFall.

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Thanks to ALL of our awesome listeners, especially our Keith Kelley who joined our community this week!.  Due to their generous Patronage, we will continue building this great community!

This Weeks Topics:

Worldwide bloom this weekend!
Niantic is teaming up with the Knight Foundation
Lure Module event in Japan @ McD’s 4/29-5/7
Sprint/Boost Mobile Stores to Have Lure-A-Thons, Scavenger Hunts, and Gym Battles as Part of Their MyTrainerRewards Program
Increased Rural Spawns
“Portals added to Ingress via Operation Portal Recon will often appear in Pokémon GO as well. We are exploring ways to allow PokéStop submissions in Pokémon GO but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.” – NianticGeorge
Promo Codes for Android Devices Only?
Game developer sues Milwaukee over park-permit requirement

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