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Welcome to the Pokémon GO Podcast! Brian returns to the show and asks – what does every poke king need? Of course, it is a Nidoqueen! First of all today’s trivia will tell you way more than you ever wanted to know about the entire Nido family. All three of us bring some excellent experiences from the table including Charles has his own gym now! In addition, there is a recap of how everyone faired with the green mini event, some patch notes, some great rumors from the data miners, a follow up to a news story out of Russia we covered when we first launched, and soooo much more.

We know that Blissey is the #1 defender of gyms currently. So Charles faces the daunting task of overcoming a very high-level Blissey to prestige a valor gym enough to capture the last spot in what would become a level ten gym. As a result he recounts his adventure in trying to climb the unclimbable mountain! Ibbott has come bearing tales from the wasteland where he fought long and hard and captured his dream. Then Joe has an average and ok week, however, when its trivia time things get interesting and you will find out about the Nidoqueen and her clan!

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This Weeks Topics:

Patch notes
The Silph Road’s APK mine of v0.63.1 is complete! More hints of “raid” Pokemon, a possible upcoming limit per species deployed Gyms, real-time push notifications, and anti-cheats!
Defender Tier List
What Generation 3 Can Bring To The Gym Meta
What is the best place to play Pokémon GO in the world?
Just turned 13 and still cannot see sponsored pokestops/gyms
Russian Who Played Pokémon Go in Church Is Convicted of Inciting Hatred

Random Trivia: The Nidoqueen and her Clan


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