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Welcome to the Pokémon GO Podcast! This week Brian is sick and seeks some attention from Nurse Joy! Charles has some pressing family issues (nothing to do with team rocket he promises wink wink) and is also taken away from the show. So what does Joe do when he is faced with certain podcasting defeat? Goes to the one person he knows will get him through. No not Pikachu. No, you already said Pikachu and that was wrong. Fine fine fine, he gets Beau York to jump in like the old days and bring you adventures, headlines, and more! Get ready to rock it old school as these two have a blast in this week’s episode.

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This Weeks Topics:

Adventures Await!
Sprint Sweepstakes During Adventure Week
64,000 new portals added to Ingress via Operation Portal Recon
Potential New Research: I just caught four shiny Magikarp using chaining.
Will we get a reroll/move tutor eventually?
Go-tcha: an alternative to GO+?
Niantic hosted Events explained in detail. An outline helping us know what we can expect for upcoming legendary events.

Random Trivia: GeoDude is the best rock!

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