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Brian and Charles return to the podcast party that is Pokemon GO Podcast to find Joe has changed the locks while we were gone. Not really but kinda yeah. Anyway, Adventures Had! The Rock mini-event was decent for Joe, good for Ibbott, and FREKAING AMAZING for Charles. The experiences of the week are fun and we have fun sharing them. Then we dive into the headlines which are mostly about Niantic instituting more shadow bans and seem to be finding newer ways to cut down on cheating. Then we discuss the GO-tcha alternative to the Pokemon GO Plus. The discussion goes through a review of it, the terms of service, and how Niantic hasn’t said anything about it currently.

It’s a holiday weekend and we have lots to do. So enjoy the episode and we will have a new episode coming up next week!

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This Weeks Topics:

New Anti-cheating methods
No Soup for you!
No soup for you part II
This summer will be Legend…wait for it..mmmmm maybe
Fresh Trainer tip sheets

Random Trivia!:

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