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Welcome to the Pokemon GO Podcast – where fandom meets gaming! This week Charles, Joe, and Brian are joined by Youtube sensation REVERSAL! We all tackle the idea of Legendaries still on the horizon and REVERSAL educates us on the concept of getting free poke coin’s through legitimate apps (this was a great walk through on it if you were ever curious). Then we cover the egg and rarity changes, how much money Niantic is possibly making, following up with what can you do if you have been shadow banned. You all sent in some awesome feedback this week and Random Trivia is for our guest as it is his favorite!

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This weeks topics:

Legendaries and PVP this summer
New changes to egg species
Niantic earns money per sponsored visit
I’ve been shadowbanned – now what?
[Research] PokéStop drop rate changes
Shiny Chaining Debunked?

Random Trivia!

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