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Welcome to the Pokemon GO Podcast – where fandom meets gaming! This week Charles, Joe, and Brian come together to conquer evil and see justice served. Of course, the big question on the table is Pokemon Go Fest Chicago – what do we know? Charles keeps trying to jump to his impending eviction of Team Rocket Towers, but Ibbott insists on actually doing a show like a pro. Next, all three share their experience of the week without needing the lasso of truth. Then the boys get into the topics of the night which can always be found and voted on at our Reddit Page. Not only do we have the news on Pokemon Go Fest Chicago, we have heartwarming stories of fathers, and nerd tingling news about the future of AR! Jump right into the fray and get your super human Pokemon adventures on!

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Thanks to our awesome Patrons we will keep producing and improving the Pokémon GO Podcast.  This week the Arriving Bear ….uh…well…. he arrived so yeah. Of course, we give huge SUPER thanks to Rueben Zeh and a hearty welcome.  With your help everyone can “catch ‘em all,” and you can start by going to and growing your community!  We thank you all for your support, and we hope you can help us serve you better as the show continues to grow and evolve.

This weeks topics:

Developer Insights: A look into Pokémon GO Loading Screens – Pokémon GO
Footage of the new Pokemon GO version with ARKit
Dad wears Pikachu tie son made as a kid to son’s graduation
Pokémon Go Live events announced!
New billboards and Pokestops in London, New York and Tokyo to celebrate top Trainer cities
NianticIndigo: “when Gyms are temporarily disabled, all Pokémon will return to their Trainers”

Random Trivia!

Pokemon Joe goes Pokemon Johto

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