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Welcome to the Pokemon GO Podcast – where fandom meets gaming! This week Charles, Joe, and Brian come together to climb Mt. Everest and enter The House of Fire and Ice. Of course, we are talking about the fire and ice event going on with Pokemon GO during the newly launched event. Next, Brian Ibbott forgets to reveal the biggest news of all, as Joe is rising in the gyms, and Charles seeing a whole lot of awesome fire. Then the boys get into the topics of the night which can always be found and voted on at our Reddit Page. Not only do we have the news on more live events, we have details of what the event holds, and questions from you! Jump right into the fray and get your Pokemon adventures on or face SHAME!

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The Topics for The House of Fire and Ice:

File under rumors and hopes – more live events coming
That’s soo five minutes ago – The solstice event has begun
Nocturnal Species in Pokémon GO infographic | Pokémon GO Hub
The ‘Pokémon Go’ Lawsuit in Milwaukee Is Getting Nastier
Discussion question: more egg tiers?
Solstice event rarity tier | Pokemon GO Hub

Random Trivia

Team Rocket!

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