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Welcome to the Pokémon GO Podcast! This week Charles and Joe are joined by Rob Roberts, of Orange Lounge Radio. Brian is out in Utah being a part of the 10thAnniversary Nerdtacular. By the time you see this, it will be over but be sure to check out the link and keep it in mind for next year. This week’s tri-force of Poké-power is talking all about raids. Rob’s got some interesting perspective on how Ingress and POGO are intersecting, influencing, and affecting each other’s games. They’re also able to talk about some of the new updates, confirm some features and bugs. In the hunt for a Snorlax, Charles shows how hardcore he isn’t. We need YOUR help to get nominated in the “People’s Choice” and/or “Games and Hobbies” categories at the Podcast Awards. All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback, emails, and comments!

There’s still time to make sure that YOU get as close to Pokémon GO Fest Chicago as possible, even vicariously through Charles. He’s evolved from his filthy first form into something more and he’s going to be the Community’s eyes and ears in Chicago. We want to make sure that we and ALL of us have an opportunity to be a part and we need YOUR help. Head over to and help if you can. There are donation reward levels, but rest assured Charles will make you feel the love regardless of what you give. We’re putting this out to YOU, our wonderful, amazing, and outstanding COMMUNITY, so we can give you a voice and representation at this history making event!

Thanks to our awesome Patrons we will keep producing and improving the Pokémon GO Podcast.   With your help everyone “catch ‘em all,” and you can start by going to and growing your community!  We thank you all, for your support, and we hope you can help us serve you better as the show continues to grow and evolve.

Thanks to ALL of our awesome listeners, especially our Patrons.  Due to their generous Patronage we will continue building this great community!

Pokémon Joe and the Raiders of the New Gyms
Spreadsheet for raidboss CP at lvl 20
 Raid battle info
Raid Boss Counters
Are you ready for Tier 5 Raids?

 Gym Tips
Ditto Kicks Butt in Pokémon Go’s New Gyms
Visual Confirmation that feeding allies’ pokemon will give you candy 

 Milwaukee County Sued For Requiring 10 Page Permit Application to Play Pokemon Go in Public Park

Patch Notes and Updates

This week we were joined by Rob Roberts of Orange Lounge Radio. You can Tweet him and make sure to check him out over at VOG Network, and Twitch.

Don’t forget to nominate us in the “People’s Choice” and/or “Games and Hobbies” categories at the Podcast Awards.

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