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Welcome to Pokémon GO Podcast! Charles, Brian, and Joe are back and super excited to share their Experiences of the Week; raids, gyms, and Trainer networking are the all discussed this week. Next your hosts are on to speculating, guessing, and reading the code leaves of the POGO Fest tea. Spoiler alert; Pokemon GO Fest is gonna be legen–wait, Charles, are you sure it’s a good idea to go to Chicago? Shut up, I’m in charge now–dary! We’ve got such high hopes for the event and it shows! There is nothing but joy and wonder to share with YOU, our wonderful audience. Charles is prepped with a Go Pro, extra batteries, and a truckload of child-like anticipation. What’s the worst that can happen? :p Live streaming won’t be allowed and Wi-Fi will be available to ensure that there will be nothing but clear connections, for everyone to enjoy the event and fully participate! What’s the worst that can happen? :p Then we’re going to hit Reddit, to see what the word in the Trainer ranks is. Last, we’re gonna checkout the latest PGP Redditorials. All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback and comments!

Alright, pop quiz. Patreon, two Patrons. Kavo and Royanna Herbert. They’re our newest Patrons. You’re the hosts.
Charles: Shoot ‘em in the leg.
Brian and Joe: WHAT?!
Charles: …to get the clean shot.
Brian and Joe: Thank them, Charles! You THANK the new Patrons!! You’re deeply nuts, you know that? “Shoot ‘em in the leg.”(admonishing headshakes)

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Pokémon GO Fest 2017
We’re excited to announce that #PokemonGOFest will be streamed live on Twitch!
A Legendary first year of Pokémon GO! 

PokéWorld News
What makes exploring a 2,000 year old city even more fun?
Inside the Hardcore ‘Pokemon Go’ Community
Thank you, The Silph Road. We did it! Two-man Tyranitar raid
We just banned the worst player in our community and he just bought multiple accs
PSA: New Search Commands For CP Range! 

This Week’s Redd-lines
For those attending GO Fest with food allergies…
The Silph Road’s APK mine of v0.69.0 

 Pokémon GO Podcast Redditorials

Patch Notes and Updates

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