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Welcome to Pokémon GO Podcast! Brian and Charles are excited to have Pokémon Joe back in the studio and they’re talking event raids. Were their experiences Legendary? First up; golly gee wilikers, Joe’s island getaway is all washed up, thanks to Poké-pay walls, one gym, and lower level trainers for backup. Did he get an Articuno?? Did El Barto’s shiny experience tarnish Joe’s hunting trip? Nanab, grazzbery, nanab, grazzberry: is this the POGO Konami code for capturing Legendary birds? Remember Trainers; courtesies should always be extended during your adventures. Moltres finds out, firsthand, why Indiana Jones ran away from that boulder. POGO support wants you to turn the game off and then on again. New exploit for taking down gyms; is it worth your time investment? Next we’ve got some more AWESOME audio contributions from YOU, the listeners; keep ‘em comin’! Then we’re going to hit Reddit, to see what the word in the Trainer ranks is. Last, we’re gonna checkout the latest PGP Redditorials. All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback and comments!

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