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Welcome to Pokémon GO Podcast! Charles, Brian, and Pokémon Joe here to give you your weekly dose of all things Pokémon GO! Joe doubles up, on Moltres, Brian’s local POGO group is electric and he know that the legendary truth is out there, and Charles experiences another rural POGO let down. Look kids, we’re Raiding Dragon Con! Join the PGP Google Hangout, THIS Sunday! What, merch?!? We gots some! Charles shows why he’s the Rock God of making things REALLY awkward. Charles wants everyone to pay the iron price at POGO Events. Brian makes a Clerks reference. Mewtwo is in the game and the Yokohama POGO event is making sure that trainers get the Grumpy Cat. Finally, a Pikachu worthy of the Serenity is released into the ‘verse. Grab the penicillin, ‘cause we’re getting over the recent Pikachu Outbreak. Niantic take questions, in person, and ANSWERED them!  Then we’re going to hit Reddit, to see what the word in the Trainer ranks is. Last, we’re gonna checkout the latest PGP Redditorials. All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback and comments!

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 PokéWorld News
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2M Players, Seven Days, One City – Pikachu Outbreak & The Future of Real World Games Events 

Redd-lines from The Silph Road
Niantic Employees were at the Amstelveen Mall on Saturday talking to trainers…
Mewtwo Counter Graphic w/ Moveset info
FIRST shiny pikachu outside Japan confirmed! 

Pokémon GO Podcast Redditorials
12 Hour Mewtwo Raids in Yokohama, 50 Balls given

Patch Notes and Updates

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