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Welcome to Pokémon GO Podcast! Charles and Joe are joined by none other than Pokémon Beau, this week, and the guys couldn’t be happier to have him back on the show. Charles finally gains ANOTHER level! Niantic is still facing communities, around the world, that wish to have the power to opt out of their AR maps. Niantic responds to customer complaints with #SorryNotSorry . Pronunciation is still a limited skill on PGP. Sprint has got a promotion for you PGP players. Then we’re going to hit the webs and see what’s going on around the world.  Last, we’re gonna checkout the latest PGP Redditorials. All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback and comments!

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PokéWorld News
Council seeks ban on Pokemon GO ‘lure spots’ in QC

Free Pokemon GO Plus from Sprint

Redd-lines from The Silph Road
 Super Incubator Bundle Values
 EX Pass Awarded Last Night, Today Gym Has Been Removed From The Game

Pokémon GO Podcast Redditorials
Prague and Fisketorvet tickets are gone within 2 minutes

Patch Notes and Updates


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