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Welcome to Pokémon GO Podcast! Charles, Joe, and Brian are at it again. They want everyone to beware the stampede of Halloween Pokémon! The virtual world has been overrun with Duskull and Shuppet. Some of the new Halloween Pokémon are even shiny. Snorlax is proving to be Charles’ Moby Dick, but he is optimistic that he will get one eventually. Charles is the first one on the podcast to snag a shiny Sableye even if he didn’t realize what it was. Niantic seems to be unhappy with Draconius Go, but Pokémon GO Podcast is hoping they use this rivalry to stoke the creative flames. Ho-oh might be just around the corner, but will it be a normal raid or an EX raid? All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback and comments!

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[Research] Pokestop drop rates have changed (significantly!)

Shiny Sableye confirmed!

Your Guide to Soloing Tier 3 Raids – A Write-Up about movesets, Difficulty, and resources Needed for each Raid Boss

Trainers, thank you for your feedback on EX Raid Battles. We’re working to improve the invitation system based on what we heard from you.

Niantic Allegedly Not Pleased That ‘Pokémon Go’ Lookalike ‘Draconius Go’ Exists

Search Pokémon Storage cheat sheet

Ho-Oh is on the way – here are some things you need to know.

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