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Welcome to Pokémon GO Podcast! Charles and Brian are together again sharing all of their wonderful wisdom. We revisit soloing level 3 raids this time with instructions, we talk about the new raid bosses, we discuss the implications of the data found in the APK mine, and Pokemon gets more social,  plus some awesome adventures.   All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback and comments!

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The Headlines (Thanks Joe!):

The Silph Road’s APK Teardown of v0.81.1 is Complete! Bug Fixes, Anti-Cheats, and Backend Upgrades. | /r/TheSilphRoad

YouTuber Big Daddy Red that has a series of soloing level 3 raids.

Pokémon GO privacy policy updated, now allows collecting information about other apps installed on your device! | /r/TheSilphRoad

[Story] Local LINE group of Pokemon Go in Taiwan finished a cancer patient’s last wish by catching Entei for him | /r/TheSilphRoad

Niantic acquires Evertoon team: “Exploring innovative ways to add social mechanics to digital products.”

Time changed and now Raids start at 5AM and finish too soon. | /r/TheSilphRoad

 Updated Raid Boss Max/Min CP – corrected Version | /r/TheSilphRoad

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