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Welcome to Pokémon GO Podcast! Charles and Brian are together again sharing all of their wonderful wisdom while Joe is flying back from vacation. They are joined by Phillip Keating of Botched: A D&D podcast to talk about the fandom of the game (and history), new in-game items from Sun and Moon, iOS updates, new challenges to the AR field, Pokemon GO collecting dust, and feedback from you! Listen closely to find out why we call it Pokemon GO collecting dust and enjoy Phil as he sits in claiming to be the filthiest casual to ever appear on the podcast. He might be, but who are we to judge. He’s definitely more casual than Charles and that’s saying something!

Find more of Phillip on the Giant Size Team Up Network as part of Botched: A D&D Podcast, and guest appearances on Breaking the Panel.

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The Headlines:

If you could have one thing from Sun and Moon what would it be?

“Your a trainer, Harry”

Are you looking at my apps?

 Brian has an idea that Niantic could use to increase play

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