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Welcome to Pokémon GO Podcast! The podcast is back and better than ever! Charles, Brian, and Joe are together for the first livestream on Livestreaming allows us to connect to the listeners on a whole new level. As you’ll hear while listening, the Twitch chat was interacting with and directly impacting some of the topics discussed on the podcast. Charles has a new “white whale” to chase aka Wailmer Voldemort. Brian has gotten his 4th EX raid pass! Joe is slow and steady, but we’re not sure if he’s even racing. None of the hosts realized that China didn’t have Pokémon GO, but that region has finally been opened up for the game. The hosts are all jealous of the raid bus and would love to see something like that in their own hometowns. /u/Thunderclap123 wants type-themed gyms that allow players to have a defined path towards getting an EX raid pass. I can’t believe how much the hosts talked about Wailmer Voldemort! All of that incredible content, and of course YOUR feedback and comments!

New year, new patrons! We are incredibly excited to have Linda Thompson and Angela Berenguer as brand new patrons! The generous support of our patrons allows us to improve the podcast; we wouldn’t be livestreaming this year without it. Thank you so much!


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